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Policymakers recognize that significant changes must be made in the built environment if there is hope of achieving carbon reduction targets. States, local jurisdictions, and the federal government are rapidly adopting policies intended to reduce embodied carbon in buildings. Ensuring that the data and methodological approach applied to decarbonization efforts is technically robust is paramount to ensuring our reduction goals are met. This webinar will provide technical data and policy alternatives that can serve as a guide for effective decarbonization policies.

Funding provided in part by the Softwood Lumber Board.

Sponsors Filter: American Wood Council
Topics Filter: Green Building, Sustainability
Credit Designations Filter: AIA, ICC
Learning Hours: 1
Credit Designation: 1 AIA LU/HSW, 0.1 ICC CEU
AIA Course Number: GB800-OD 1H
ICC Number: 31649


Start date: 09/16/23
End date: 03/29/25

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