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Sustainable construction, green codes and standards, and increased focus on the embodied carbon of buildings has been elevated in profile over the last few years. Recent State and Federal guidelines are continuing to incorporate these concepts into building practices, increasing the demand for design professionals to familiarize themselves with the underlying reasoning behind the requirements and credits. This presentation will provide a basic background for stakeholders in the construction industry on how the wood industry demonstrates the environmental attributes of wood products through standardized approaches that can be utilized by green building codes and rating systems and a peek at upcoming trends in this space.

Funding provided in part by the Softwood Lumber Board.

Sponsors Filter: American Wood Council
Topics Filter: Green Building, Sustainability
Credit Designations Filter: AIA, ICC
Learning Hours: 1
Credit Designation: 1 AIA LU/HSW, 0.1 ICC CEU
AIA Course Number: GB310-OD 1H
ICC Number: 35500


Start date: 08/19/23
End date: 03/06/26

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