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One of the methods for determining fire resistance per section 703.3 in the 2018 International Building Code is fire-resistance designs documented in approved sources. The American Wood Council's Design for Code Acceptance No. 3 (DCA-3), Fire-Resistance-Rated Wood-Frame Wall and Floor/Ceiling Assemblies is commonly used as an approved source to specify wood frame fire-resistance rated assemblies. This presentation reviews building code fundamentals for fire performance and establishing fire resistance, the basis for using the DCA-3 assemblies for code compliance, and the correct use of the tables and assemblies in fire design. In addition, new options for wall/floor intersection details for Type III construction will be explained, as well as using the DCA-3 assemblies for complying with code requirements for sound transmission.

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Start date: 08/18/23
End date: 10/13/25

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